17th May 2022

How can I minimise waste?

If the wall contains doorways or windows that are more than 1210mm wide, you can sometimes save material by starting to sheet at one edge of the opening; i.e. you can avoid cutting a large hole out of a sheet.

To fill in heads above doorways and floor-length windows less than 1210mm wide, you can use off-cuts, rather than cut large holes out of a full sheet. This is done using an off-cut and joining this to the v-groove of the next full sheet.

NOTE: The window and door head sheets must be installed as you go, otherwise you may not end up with a gap that is a full number of ‘boards’ wide. You will need to cut to the centre of the v-groove and router a groove to allow to install the tongue in the new join.

When you have finished one wall, you can use the off-cut from the last sheet to start the next wall if off-cut is large enough to be practical.

The Intrim VJ Board Pro tongue can be removed by pulling from one end of tongue using pliers. The tongue is interchangeable and may be used on either side of the sheet.