19th December 2017

Give your fireplace a Winter makeover

In winter there is no better place to be than sitting in front of a fireplace. The crackle of the wood, the flicker of the flames and the great appeal it brings to a living room or bedroom during those cold winter nights, but what do you do with your fireplace during the summer months?

There are many ways to make your fireplace a feature of any room without it having to be heating the house, and most of them are relatively inexpensive and easy to do.

Simple Shelving

Finish with corbels or chair rail underneath to give extra detail and pick me up.

You can keep clean lines and a minimalist approach to your shelving too as is seen below.

Cornice Moulds the Crowing Glory

If you want something more dramatic and want your fireplace to appear taller and larger, then try some cornice moulds! You can build in a shelf on top if you’re looking for extra storage space for your nik-naks, or you can frame with decorative architrave or create a wainscoting effect with architectural inlay moulds.

You can also achieve a similar look with not as much projection from the wall using a Crosshead profile as below.

The A to F of Architraves

Architraves not only look beautiful around windows and doors, but can be used in a variety of ways around a Fireplace to add intriguing lines or a simple frame.

The design below is perfect for an understated look that won’t steal the lime light from the rest of the features in your space, but gives the fireplace a finished look. By using a large architrave with some decorative appeal, and keeping the timber natural for greater contrast, this fireplace still finds a way to hold it’s own within the room without being overpowering.

You can also blend your fireplace design into the rest of your timber mouldings by adding your skirting boards along the bottom of the fireplace columns.

Wainscoting is not only for Walls

Just the same as you would create beautiful frame and panel wainscoting on a wall you can use the same design ideas to create frame and panel wainscoting to create the effect of columns and decorative features around your fireplace, as has been created below. Various architrave and inlay moulds have been used to define the fireplace and make it a stand out decorative feature in the room.

You can also create a similar frame and panel look if you are after cleaner lines and a more modern look.

Design from Top to Toe

Ceiling high designs are excellent for longer walls and rooms which need larger detailing to help close them in to feel more homely. The example below has used stone on the wall topped with custom mouldings, but you can replace the stone with frame and panel designs or tongue and groove lining board panels. You could also paint these in bold colours for maximum effect.