17th July 2019

Designing Bedrooms for the Gals, Guys & Guests

This week saw Three Birds Renovations reveal the kids bedrooms and guest room in House 10. They had the wow factor as well as being functional.

To take your bedroom to the next level while keeping it practical is:

If you are a little limited for space, consider the size of the built in doors you use. Here Sophie chose a 420mm wide door so it doesn’t crash into furniture when opened. This allows you to use more of your floor space in the room. Add some pretty handles and you have an inexpensive upgrade.

Fans are furniture too. Seize the opportunity to improve the look of your room and choose something that will make a feature.

Lighting is important in a bedroom – all for different reasons. Decide what is important in each room and plan around that. In a guest bedroom you would want some soft bedside lighting that is easy for guests to find, a child room might need some brighter lighting over a desk or bed for reading and a toddler might like some softer night lighting.

Think about a feature, especially one that doesn’t take up too much room. You only need one, so choose something important to the person who will be living in it. (Did you notice the wall paper roll in the boys room for drawing??)

The window seats surrounded with feature lining board create a point of interest and add detail without taking up room.

You can also add a point of interest by up-cycling or changing your furniture like the Birds have done in the boys bedroom by painting the cane table. The handmade bedhead in the guest room is beautiful and unique. This is something that will be memorable for all the people who stay!

Bunk beds certainly are not what they used to be, and really can be beautiful pieces of furniture that are perfect for sleep overs in any child’s room.