30th July 2019

Best interior design tips for Colonial styling

A classic and traditional design, sometimes known as a little ‘country,’ the Colonial style has a similar look and feel to the Victorian design. Although it is similar, the Colonial style is a little more relaxed and the dark colours are more subdued, which ties in the country feel. Colonial interiors incorporate both formal and casual elements.

So what are the best tips for styling your home with a Colonial feel? Here’s our advice to help you get the most out of this beautiful design.


So where did it all begin? The Colonial style began after the creation of Colonial furniture in the mid-1600s to mid-1700s. The simple and flexible furniture was made by the American colonists and was design with influence from England. Although this colonial furniture is different from the English, however, it has adapted over the years to form the types of furniture made today for the Colonial style.

As you can tell the Colonial design has been around a very long time and over the years has changed slightly to match the now modern twist most styles take on.

But what is this style? What forms what it is today?


The early Dutch, English, French and Spanish settlers in America inspire colonial house designs. These houses are mainly built from wood or brick and are two or three story with big fireplaces. Think the ideal family home!

You might want to try with some basic plain white walls around the house or go all in and paint using some softer yellows, greens or blues. Or maybe you want to try the wallpaper to really highlight the rooms. When choosing to go with wallpaper, make sure you pick a style you will love for many years at least.

To get a Colonial style, you also need to understand the architecture behind any true Colonial home.


Colonial architecture is generally inspired by classic Greek and French aristocratic style. With plaster and painted wood mouldings, the ornate dado rails and panelling is predominately seen in these types of homes.

When you think Colonial, think the veranda out the front, the framed windows and white picket fence around the outside. These two or three story homes are often referred to as the “American” dream to most of those who dream of owning a spacious family home with a front and back yard.

You are not restricted to this design if you don’t have the big spacious home, if you like the style, aim to take on the interior in your townhouse or apartment.

So as for the inside, it is all about colours, fabrics and patterns!


When choosing colours for a colonial inspired home, you want to choose soft and muted tones.

These types of colours include pale peach, pinks, soft blues, greens, yellows and browns. When picking colours think soft, elegant and non-saturated. You want to ensure your soft colours stand out without overpowering the room.

If you decide to go plain walls, you might want to jazz up your room with some patterns within the furniture.

Fabrics and Patterns

If you’re looking to style your home with Colonial inspiration, the fabrics you want to choose are cotton, wool and linen. With pewter accents and patterns, you also want to choose a pastel palette, to go with the soft muted colours on the walls and floors.

When it comes to fabrics, you also want to tie in some leather for a strong feel to the room. Also, you want to play with different patterns on furniture or decor to add an eclectic, yet Colonial style. Bring together the mismatch items to create a quirky space.

But what about the inside of the house? Now it is time to really start designing the interior and make all the Colonial design elements come together!


Once you pick your colours and textures, we’ve have pulled together some essential styling tips to turn your home into a colonial masterpiece.

  1. It’s all about rattan and teak furniture! Aim for a variation of soft toned light rattan and neutral warm brown teak furniture. Plantation day beds are also a great feature and a must in a colonial style home.
  2. Indoor plants are key. To complement the browns, leather and rattan add rich dark green indoor plants, if you don’t want to take care of real plants, faux greenery works just as well.
  3. Dark shutters to compliment the white walls. Base your windows on dark timber panelling, white billowing drapes and dark brown shutters.
  4. Make the rooms comfortable. By adding big, oversized armchairs and sofas, you will make the living areas look comfortable and inviting.
  5. Add a cushion to everything. Funky patterned pillows on couches armchairs and chairs, you want to brighten up your living spaces with different cushions to really draw attention
  6. Think flowers. You want some floral arrangements in the house. Whether they are fake, it doesn’t matter, you want to add some decoration to any room.
  7. Patterned lampshades and ornaments. You should add some subtle colour to any room with patterned or coloured lamps or decor. It also makes for some good talking points around the house.
  8. Aim to have solid coloured cupboards and bench tops in the bathroom and kitchen! If you are after a little more colour, choose coloured cupboards using the above palette.

When it comes to the Colonial style, you want to add a retro flair to the house. Add some soft colours, add some plants, patterns and complimenting textures to really help bring your home together.

The Colonial design is a classic style that isn’t afraid of a bit of colour within the interior, add your own design elements with personal touches, including sentimental items.

For more inspiration, please click here to see more pictures on this design. You are sure to find a design you love!