7th August 2019

Creating Your Dream Home Office Space

Most of us spend so much time in our home office they really should be a place that is comfortable and that you love spending your time in. Here’s our top tips to creating your dream office interior inspired by Three Birds Renovation House 10.

Light & Airy

Create a bright and naturally lit space with plenty of airflow. Make sure you have a window you can open for some fresh air and have sun streaming in at at least one time of the day for some positive vibes and light. Make it a space that inspires you to do your best work.

You do need to consider window coverings or the position of your desk so you don’t get glare on your computer screen.

The beautiful feature curved windows framed with Intrim’s beautiful curved architraves are the perfect focal point that lets light flood in and the raked ceiling gives the feeling of height and space!


One boring ‘functional’ word that makes oh so much difference to the look of your interior. If you don’t have somewhere to stash your mess, you will forever have a desk and tables full of printers, papers, bills and stationary. If you can’t add some built in cabinetry, opt for some cute buffet style furniture with doors that you can style on top and store mess below!


You don’t want your home office to be in some dingy back corner of the home hidden away from the action. Although you do need to consider noise and at times privacy, these can be addressed in other ways such as soundproofing walls, thickened glass on doors and windows and being able to close the space off.

Utilising access to an outdoor area is perfect for find some inspiration, taking a breather or having another space to work in to mix up your day.


Not only do you have to choose a desk that reflects your style, but think of the outlook. When you have a moment to think or need to zone out to gather your thoughts, where are you looking? We’ve all seen the offices covered in landscape shots to replicate a scene out a window, but how can you create that without feeling like you’re in a box with pretty pictures? You may like to add a french glass door or position your desk so you can see out the window. You can position your desk wherever you like and build and style your office around it, don’t be afraid for positions in the middle of the room, off centre in a room or even on an angle! Just make sure you’ve got a position where you can look outward.

Furniture Styling

Add some homely pieces into your office that are not your conventional ‘office’ decor. These can be rugs, comfy or cute chairs or a statement pendant light or chandelier. Don’t be afraid to hang your lighting off centre, over a desk or over a ‘break out’ space to help section off that part of the office visually. It will also make you feel like you are in another work area (which is great if you do have meetings and can accommodate more people) and break up the monotony of your day.

Make sure you have some statement pieces that really make you smile and make you feel happy.

* Sophie used SK23 skirting boards in 230mm to really make a statement and be seen, SK23 architraves and custom SK23 curved architraves to frame those beautiful curved windows.