27th August 2019

What are the benefits of hiring an Interior Designer?

Interior design is a combination of art and science to enhance the interior of any building. The aim is to achieve a healthy and pleasing environment for people to enjoy using any space.

An interior designer is a profession with multiple dimensions from research to coordination and the management of all interior design projects.

When it comes to interior design and hiring an interior designer, is it necessary? What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

We are here to explain to you ten benefits around hiring an interior designer and how they differ from an interior decorator.

  1. Interior designers have accredited education

Unlike an interior decorator, an interior designer has a tertiary degree or a diploma in Interior Design. That is 4 years of full time study to be a ‘qualified’ Interior Designer. This level of study means these designers have developed the knowledge and skills needed to be creative as well as the technical expertise required to building or renovate a home.

Although there is a perception interior designers get to ‘create the pretty stuff’, a larger part of their role is technical and to understand legislation, rules, regulations and guidelines.

  1. Interior designers have a range of skills

In combination with the qualification, interior designers have great knowledge of lighting, material, ergonomics, finishes and colour as well as theory and history of design. With sustainable design practices and project management, interior designers have a broad range of skills to put together any quality work. The creative designing is only a small part of their role.

  1. Interior designers are technical design people

A qualified interior designer also has the skill of hand and computer-aided technical drawings to plan and showcase different design elements, floor plans and details. This allows builders to rely on the designs for the installation of specified products in a project as well as bring your ideas to life with software.

An interior designer will work alongside tradespeople to ensure the design is being constructed as it should.

  1. Interior designers can assist make structural changes

If you are after structural changes to your space, an interior designer is your go-to. Whether you need to open up a wall or any renovation work, an interior designer can help organise contractors and project manage a project. Even if it is as simple as built-in cupboards or cabinets, an interior designer can help with the layout to bring your vision to life. It isn’t just about the decor with an interior designer.

  1. Interior designers can help with the planning and budget

Another great benefit from hiring an interior designer is the organisation, planning and budget side of interior work. A designer can use all the resources and knowledge to search for what you need at the budget you have, which saves time and money. An interior designer will handle all the plans, research and can assist with purchasing of all the elements required. Many Interior Designers will have affiliation and relationships with suppliers and wholesalers allowing you access to special rates,

  1. Interior designers can make the decisions for you

Do you struggle to make decisions or second guess yourself? Most times, we know what we want but struggle to make the final decision on tones, colours and other small details. Sometimes it is hard for everyone to make a final choice, especially when it feels so permanent. An interior designer is the professional who will take all of your thoughts, dreams and opinions and transform it into space that you will love. They make those final tough decisions simpler and give sound advice on how to turn your concepts to reality.

  1. Interior designers have incredible attention to detail

The eye for design can be hard. Those tiny details are always forgotten about. When hiring an interior designer, the details will be polished and your look finished. An interior designer will think outside the square to ensure no stone is left unturned. They do the right research and make sure each piece of the puzzle compliments each other.

  1. Interior designers take the stress off your shoulders

No more arguments, stress, planning or shopping. With an interior designer, the renovation of a space is made very easy. Juggling life is hard enough as it is, throw a renovation in the mix, and it can all be a bit too hard. If you hire an interior designer, the benefit is, you don’t have to stress about designing your space, colour charts, décor,  and all the other things in between. You just have to enjoy the finished product!

  1. Interior designers know colours, textures

We all know colours (to a degree) and we know what colours we like, but how well do we know how to put them together in a space for harmony, dimension or chasing the perception of a space? When it comes to the inside of our home, we often go for white, off-white, beige or greys but interior designers know how to mix and match colour with texture to achieve the look you want.

  1. Interior designers know building regulations and environmental sustainability

This is what sets an interior designer apart from decorators. The education around local laws and building codes gives (and keeping up to date with changes) is a huge, added advantage to the profession. Many people don’t give much thought to this important aspect of a project, but having a person who is qualified and insured to assist with you planning, such as an Interior Designer, is a not negotiable.

Being conscious of our environmental impact in designing is also important. From the energy efficiency of a home through understanding products and the lifecycle of materials from sourcing to manufacture and use (such as Intrim’s FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified FJ Pine mouldings), you can reduce your environmental footprint.

This is a significant difference between an Interior Designer and Decorator, and probably the most important. Because it is not the ‘exciting’ part of design, can often be overlooked.

Interior Designers vs Interior Decorators

Interior designers have a wealth of knowledge that can be spread across projects from residential to commercial. They are involved in the special planning and technical drawing up for submission to the council as well as the planning on construction documentation. At times an interior designer will work alongside an architect or draftsman to ensure the plans offer vast improvements.

An interior designer can enhance the flow of any room by recommending not just decor changes but also structural changes. Interior Design offers so much more than styling elements, which in comparison, is mostly the role of an interior decorator, decorating. They decorate a space to look aesthetically pleasing, without all the added benefits an interior designer has from the qualification they obtained.

If you want the whole package, an interior designer is what you will be looking for. They work through the whole interior turning your concepts to reality, keeping your project on track, within the rules and are there to support you all the way.