15th April 2019

Creating an Art Deco Home Interior

Art Deco styles are becoming increasingly popular in 21st-century homes across the world. Often integrated in conjunction with modern or contemporary flavours, Art Deco has a thriving following, with many people embracing its spirited and unique flair.


What is Art Deco?

Art Deco is short for Arts Décoratifs, which essentially means decorative arts. The origins of this style can be traced back to the 1920s in France, evolving from the art nouveau movement, while also being inspired by Hollywood trends of the time. The typical 1920’s designs carried through to the 30s and 40s as well, and was particularly well portrayed in The Great Gatsby film!

Boasting glamour without being overly exuberant, art deco is known for its use of richly characteristic colours, daring geometric patterns and features, as well as intricate details and finesse. It’s both elegant and bold. Intricate and striking. An impressive display of artistry and design.

Art Deco ‘Must Haves’

  • Geometric shapes and motifs – from floors to walls and sometimes even ceilings, geometric shapes are commonly seen in art deco homes. Think diamonds, triangles and hexagons. Sharp lines and clean highlights are very typical of this style, whether it be through the carpeting and rugs, or furniture pieces or artworks.


  • Adorned furnishings – you’ll frequently see intricately designed furnishings, whether it’s the couches, the cushions or the cabinets. These adornments create interest and individuality, specially tailored to particular homes. Dark rich timber and velvet fabrics were heavy features of the era.
  • Rich wood – contrasting with the lighter wood that’s emerged in more recent years, art deco embraces the darker, richer wooden tones. Tints of red are often evident, as are streaks of darker brown and deep, earthy shades.
  • Splashes of glamour – the fun and vibrancy of art deco comes from the glamorous features that can be incorporated throughout a home. Whether it’s through a centrepiece or a feature wall accent, art deco glam is always a hit.
  • Unique architecture – wall designs, architraves, mouldings, doors and window frames, these are all architectural opportunities to showcase an art deco style. Make an impact with unique and distinct architectural choices.
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  • Attention to every detail – Art Deco has been known as the style of over decorated spaces. This is intentional, and doesn’t necessarily mean interiors were cluttered, but that every part of the home had some detail or thought attached to it.


Mouldings and Art Deco

Mouldings can be used in a number of ways in Art Deco homes whether it be a minimalist look, or adding texture and more lines with mouldings design. A bold skirting board with clean lines is as equally on style as one with hard, clean lines.

Panelled timber doors flowing onto panelled walls are a stand-out feature of the style.


The timelessness of Art Deco will live on

While interior design trends evolve over time, Art Deco certainly seems set to stay for quite some time. The unity of elegance, boldness and vibrancy is exemplified through its features and trends. It’s no surprise that so many homes today are embracing the Art Deco style!