5th December 2019

NEW Modern Art Deco Profile Range

Recently there has been a large spike in the popularity of modern and Art Deco interior styles. We have seen it in the profiles that are becoming popular and the finished interiors from many of our favourite designers, and we’re not surprised.

Art Deco and Modern styles and profiles mesh easily, and you can take them across a large spectrum of styles from minimalist to traditional Art Deco. Art Deco design and styling blends very well with both vintage and contemporary items giving a broader scope to the homes and style goals one wants to achieve. Typically a style with Art Deco inspiration will achieve a clean, classic and elegant interior.

Being inspired by the looks we’re seeing from around the globe, we have created a new Modern / Art Deco profile range which we believe fits perfectly into the style, no matter which direction or influence the interior has.


Intrim’s SK709 skirting board is the epitome of Art Deco, showcasing clean lines and the well known three-step profile.

SK709 138mm Primed FJ Pine

We would not recommend using SK709 as an architrave also, and have created a beautiful matching profile that is aesthetically pleasing and will create a spectacular finish that drops jaws. That architrave profile is SK392.


When using a different skirting and architrave profile they will need to be separated with a skirting block. This creates a better aesthetic and draws the eye away from the noticeable difference between size and style of your skirting and architrave. It also enhances the look and creates another interesting focal point.

Intrim’s new SB05 skirting block has been designed specifically for this range and is modern, edgy and beautiful.


If you’re looking for negative detail and something a little more simple, you can’t go past our new SK399. The clean lines with small detail is perfect for the more modern interior where minimalism is more important.

SK399 115mm Primed FJ Pine


Many Art Deco and Modern interiors are embracing the wainscoting trend and creating architectural detail and dimension using inlay mould wall panelling. This achieves a more classic look where styling can be reduced to allow the homes’ details to shine.

Our inlay mould IN106 is the perfect little partner to achieve this look.



If a modern spin on traditional wainscoting is where you’re headed, this little CR190 chair rail matches perfectly with the IN106 inlay mould and our new skirting profiles. Again, this takes advantage of flat space and negative detail to work seamlessly with the style.