18th August 2021

Cape Cod Trends & Style

Written for Intrim Mouldings by Rachael Turner, Front Porch Properties. See more of this beautiful project here on our project gallery

What makes a house a Cape Cod?

This was our very first Cape Cod home so it was an exciting opportunity for Front Porch Properties.

Architect: Amores

The more traditional Cape Cod homes were actually single storied and quite small, but as time and architecture has evolved, I guess so has the size and grandeur that comes with owning a Cape Cod.  The main characteristics from the exterior are its symmetrical appearance with a centred front entry, gabled dormer windows and also the gambrel roof detail. They also typically have double hung windows usually with exterior shutters.  They often have centralised chimneys and shingle or timber cladding, but here in Australia, more often than not, the home would be clad using Fibre Cement weatherboards.

From an interior perspective, they usually have symmetrical layouts with a feature centre hall and large open concept living spaces.  Traditionally, the bedrooms are in the dormers or under the gables. Interior detailing is usually quite simplistic, though for this particular build, the client leaned towards a more traditional look and feel and we have brought in beautiful wall panel detail throughout as well as very decorative and stunning window architraves.

Even though the Cape Cod homes of today may have increased in size over time, it has by no means taken away their much loved charm.

Where are Cape Cod style houses found?

Everyone thinks of Cape Cod being traditionally American, but The Cape Cod architecture style was actually brought to America from England by the Puritan carpenters. Today, most traditional Cape Cod homes exist primarily along the New England coast of America with many Revival Cape Cods now being found in many other parts of America.


How much does it cost to build a Cape Cod style house?

Well, of course this is largely dependent on the detail and size of the home. These types of homes pay particular attention to the roofing structure as well as more traditional windows and doors, all of these are large ticket items for a home. So depending on the attention to detail that you are after, and because of the roof structure & the many intricate details that form part of the cape cod style, it would be wise to allow 25-30% more than your average build rate.


What were the main design features in this Cape Cod home?

Our client’s Cape Code has many beautiful design features.¬†From the street, the home feels rather grand and stately, it has a real presence about itself. The first thing one would notice is the striking navy blue and white colour palette with its central gambrel roof pitch and dormer windows.

Then upon entry, you feel a real sense of grandeur, the incredible staircase and massive entry void over the lower foyer, meticulous attention to detail through the use of wainscotting, wall panelling, coffered ceiling and ornate architraves (all built using Intrim timber mouldings).


The home itself consists of 4 bedrooms plus a home theatre, craft room, hobby room as well as a guest suite. Each bedroom has it’s own ensuite and walk-in robe and the bathrooms have a lovely traditional feel about them with enclosed showers and classic detailing.

All these details have created a home with such wonderful elegance and character.


Architect: Amores, Specs & selections : by the home owner, Timber Mouldings supplied by Intrim.

See more of this beautiful project here on our project gallery


Why has Queensland embraced the Cape Cod style?

I guess the Cape Cods have a true coastal feeling about them which resonates with living on the East Coast of Australia, especially Queensland.

The Cape Cod homes have enormous street appeal which I think draws a lot of Queenslanders in, from the Georgian symmetry to the classic weatherboards that are so popular in Queensland to the bright white accents, a Cape Cod home has the true ability to stand out from the crowd yet be so warm and welcoming at the same time.  It has a wonderful luxurious seaside feel about it and I can really see the Cape Cod style growing from strength to strength over the coming years.

I personally love the attention to detail on both the exterior and interior. It creates true character in a family home and for me, it’s a total classic beauty that will stand the test of time.


Rachael Turner is the owner of Front Porch Properties, a Brisbane based construction business that specialise in classic, timeless, American inspired renovations and new builds.