6th September 2018

Three Birds House 9 is here!! Find your Interior Inspiration

We’re so excited to see that Three Birds Renovations are about to dazzle us with the upcoming room reveals for their newest home ~ #TheBoldExtension of House 9. After a few seasons of personal ‘Forever Home’ renovating, the girls have gone back to zhoosh a suburban 60’s era ‘ugly duckling’ into a beautiful space that is big enough for modern day living.

We are loving the moody interior inspiration and early bare bones reno shots, which gets us to thinking about how you find inspiration for your own interior, whether it be an all hammers and saws soiree or a simple decoration?

So how do you transform this….

To this…


When you have been passionate about a look or design for a long time, or have ogled over Pinterest interiors dreaming of creating them, these ideas are usually best kept for your own home, but when you’re looking to create a space to flip or not live in, how do you best find inspiration and do you design differently? The answer is simple…. no.

The recipe for a successful renovation is to follow a process and ask yourself the same questions no matter the type of reno, as these will dictate the design and action you take.

1. What does your dream home or vision look like?

Once you have an idea of the style of home you are looking to create, try and source what type of style that might fit. You then need to look at the home you are working with and see if that style is achievable for that home and the parts that are already there (especially if you can’t change some of it). If you are trying to create a modern minimalist home with clean lines and lots of space, this may be a little difficult to achieve if your starting point is a heavily decorated, small Victorian / Colonial style home with lots of large skirting, timber and ornate detailing.

Have your inspiration, but make sure it is achievable with what you’re working with.

2. Words that describe your look

Write down a list of styles and things you like in a home, this might be ‘hamptons’, ‘dark timber’, ‘travertine tiles’, ‘natural fibres’. You might even want to write down how you want the home to make you feel like ‘on holidays’, ‘in the country’ or a location that might inspire you like ‘Italy’.

If you’re not sure of the style you want, have a look at our interior styles page or be inspired by our other projects.

3. Create a Mood Board

Jump onto Pinterest and start searching for the style, elements and things you want in the home. You will soon see if all of those elements will work together and if they are from a similar interior style. Start placing the elements you like together and see if they work. Are the colours clashing? Is it too busy? Are the materials I like not harmonising? Do the things I like come from very different interior styles?

You can create this board digitally or on a physical board with paper cut outs. Try and add words on the board too to help keep you on track and remind you of the type of look you want to create. If you keep looking at inspiration shots or find products or textiles you would like to use in the home, you can refer back to your mood board and decide if it fits your design style.

4. Design Meets Budget

Now you need to source the products and trades to help bring your vision to life. There are many great substitutes on the market to still help you achieve what you want, but be prepared to scale down some of your ideas. There are ways to still achieve you looks with alternative products and designs. Your trades person will be able to assist with any building changes and be open to discussing alternatives with them. Make sure you do keep a few key pieces that you won’t compromise on, they may be as simple as a designer cushion, some special artwork or a feature pendant light.

Here 3 birds have looked to created some of their inspiration images of a raked ceiling with loads of natural light and window space. In creating this look they had to take into consideration this part of the home backs onto a busy road and noise could be an issue. This was solved by using a noise reducing glass, but goes to show how sometimes other factors can come into play, and if this is one of the looks you MUST have in the house, be prepared you may have to have work arounds for some elements of your design.

5. Don’t scrimp on the things that matter

There are some elements in a home where you really can get great bang for your buck, and for a relatively small investment, the design and value of the home can improve significantly. Skirting boards and architraves are one of those items! They can boost the look of your home and give it an edge many others won’t have.

Other considerations are lighting, tiles, flooring, tapware and what the heart of the home will be – is it a magnificent kitchen, an amazing master suite or is it a killer outdoor entertaining area? Make sure this area remains the focal point and don’t compromise on too many elements here to save costs, you will regret it each day you are in there.

No matter what your style or the home you have to work with, we’re sure this reno from 3 Birds will be amazing and inspiring from layout, design through to and styling.