8th August 2018

Problems to Avoid when Fitting Architraves

Fitting architraves can be a relatively easy process. You can find our detailed instructions and video on installation HERE for window architrave install, but there are some tips to be mindful of to ensure you installation runs smoothly and your end result is flawless.

  1. Check to make sure the edge of door jamb or window reveal is flush or level with the finished wall lining surface, as the architrave will sit flat when installed.
  2. Check all doorjambs are packed level and plumb and the door fits neatly within the jamb when closed, before installing architraves.
  3. Check window is packed level and square prior to installation of architraves.
  4. Check all door jambs or window reveals are straight from one end to the other. Long span door and window heads need special attention with this, as they are inclined to bow or twist
  5. Always maintain an even quirk or step between inside edge of architrave and inside edge of door jamb or window reveal.