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How to Install Curved Architraves

Everything you need to know in easy-to-follow steps and video guides.

How to Install Curved Architrave

Planning & preparation

Ensure you have the required tools and equipment, and have sufficient architrave to complete the job. At Intrim we recommend you allow a minimum of 15% scrap when installing architraves.

Tools and equipment

  • Spirit Level
  • Nail Gun
  • Caulking Gun
  • Tape Measure
  • Builders Pencil
  • Sandpaper
  • Intrim Intense Grip
  • Selleys Aquadhere Polyurethane Wood Glue Durabond Adhesive
  • Combination Square

Step-by-step visual guide for installing a Curved Architrave

1 Prepare the arch

Remove any excess plaster and surface irregularities around the opening.

2 Mitre cut at 45 degrees each end of the curved architrave

To form a splice joint between the curved section and straight section of the architrave.

3 Mark the 5mm quirks around the window reveal frame

Using a combination square or marking gauge.

4 Measure height of curved architrave

To confirm it matches the opening height.

5 Measure from quirk down where the curved architrave meets the mitre of the straight.

Mark this joint on each side of the arch with a pencil.

6 Measure length from sill nose to start of curved architrave

Measure the length of the straight section of the architrave from the top sill nosing to the start of the curved architrave line which you marked with a pencil.

7 Measure and cut straight architrave to length

Ensuring to mitre the top end of the architrave that meets with the curved architrave.

8 Apply Intrim Intense Grip adhesive to back of the architrave

Use a calking gun.

9 Fix architrave to the window reveal

Use fixing nails.

10 Apply PVA glue to back and ends of curved architrave

Apply Intense Grip adhesive to the back of the curved architrave and PVA glue to the mitred ends that join to the straight sections of the architrave.

11 Fix curved architrave and nail in place with fixing nails

Ensure to nail through the splice joint where the two architraves meet.

12 Wipe off any excess glue from join

Use a moist cloth.

13 Sand splice and mitre joints ready for painter

You have successfully installed a curved architrave.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a curved architrave?

Curved architraves are made to order, and are provided ready to install. Learn more about curved architraves and how to order them here.
Step-by-step guide for installing a curved architrave

What do I do if I need a curved architrave or skirting board?

We have state-of-the-art machinery to produce spectacular curved architraves,  arches, and custom made curved timber mouldings to specification. Skirting boards and wainscoting mouldings can be produced to bend around curved walls using a flexible polyurethane material that matches the profile designs used for your flat surfaces. When painted you can’t see the difference to provide you with seamless finish throughout the project.

What shape curved mouldings are available?

Our state of the art machinery can create half round and elliptical arches, curved architraves and custom made curved timber mouldings to specification.

What size curved architrave can you make?

We can make a curved architrave in any size.

What size curved moulding can you make?

We can make any standard sizes. Polyurethane is 5.1m in lengths up to 24mm thick, and MDF is 5.4m in lengths up to 32mm thick.

What type of material is better for an arch or curved moulding?

Curved Architraves can be produced in finger joint pine, MDF, Vic Ash. MDF is generally a little cheaper than FJ Pine. A curved moulding may also be made in a flexible polyurathene material subject to the profile size.

How do I get a quote for a custom arch or curve moulding?

Complete our enquiry form here.  

What are your production lead times?

Production lead times commence from when the order is confirmed and payment is made for non-account customers. Our current lead times are outlined below. Timber Mouldings
  • Raw 4 days
  • Primed 6 days
  • Intrim Essentials primed mouldings 3 days
  • Curved Arch: 3 weeks
  • Polyurethane 5 days
  • Fast Trim 9 days
  • LED 3 weeks
  • Dowel 4 days
  • Clear coat + stain 3 weeks
  • Clear coat random 6 days
  • Accessories e.g., brackets/bends 7-1pm following day after 9:30am | between 1-5pm following day after 2pm
Wall Panelling
  • VJ Board Pro 3 days
  • Wainscoting Kits: 4 days
Note: Delivery lead times are in addition to production times. Check with us for delivery times when placing your order

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