Intrim® Half Round

Sizes available
Width (mm):
20, 30, 40, 50, 60

Thickness (mm):
12, 17, 22, 27, 32

Material options
FJ Pine, FJ Pine Primed, MR MDF, MR MDF Primed

Intrim® Half Round timber panelling provides an attractive way to line an interior or create a unique and stylish wall feature.

Available in:

  • 20mm wide x 12mm thick with a 20mm diametre curve *Raw only
  • 30mm wide x 17mm thick with a 30mm diametre curve
  • 40mm wide x 22mm thick with a 40mm diametre curve
  • 50mm wide x 27mm thick with a 50mm diametre curve
  • 60mm wide x 32mm thick with a 60mm diametre curve

A rebate can be cut from the back of these profiles to assist with a more flush finish when fitted to steeper curved walls.

Intrim® Half Round timber panelling can be crafted in a range of timbers and finishes including FJ Pine, FJ Pine Primed, MR MDF, MR MDF Primed.

* Please note our primed option is not available on the 20mm size.

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