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Finger Jointed Pine

What is finger jointed pine moulding?

FJ Pine is an abbreviation for Finger Jointed Pine. This is softwood timber that is ideal for timber mouldings. The timber is cut into small lengths and joined together tightly using a finger joint of intersecting sections that look like fingers or a zig-zag pattern. They are bonded together with glue and pressure to produce a long-length stable material.

What is primed finger jointed pine?

Primed FJ Pine is Finger Jointed Pine that has been pre-coated with two coats of a specially developed water-based primer.  

What are the finger jointed pine advantages and disadvantages?

Pine Tree branches create knots where they join the main tree trunk. When the tree trunk is cut into solid planks, these knots cause tension in the grains which causes the lengths to bow, twist & warp with changes in humidity and heat. Cutting out the knots removes the main causes of the grain tension and movement resulting in only keeping straight grains that deliver higher stability over the length of the timber piece for the life of the skirting or architrave.

Due to the shape of the tree, when logging and milling the timber you will always have shorter pieces than long pieces, which is reverse to the demand requirements. The process of the finger joint provides further stability and durability to the softwood timber and allows the short-length timber pieces to be made into consistent long lengths. This is important for manufacturing processes and efficiencies achieved through standardisation which greatly impact cost & wastage.

Long lengths are preferred by carpenters as they provide a better finish on the job. You generally wouldn’t have a join in your skirting boards along a visible wall which would be required for shorter or variable lengths of many other species without the finger joint. It makes planning and installing the job quicker which is all part of the cost impact for the completed job. Intrim Mouldings standard length size for all timber mouldings made in FJ Pine is 5.4M.

FJ Pine is fairly light, which makes manual handling easier and affixing to walls easier.


What is treated finger jointed pine?

Treated FJ Pine is FJ Pine that has been treated with a preservative that makes it termite resistant as well as rot resistant. Intrim provides H3 above-ground external use.  No priming is available for treated FJ Pine.   

Can finger jointed pine be used outside?

Finger Jointed Treated Pine products are suitable for exterior use 

Is finger jointed pine toxic?


Is finger jointed pine fire rated?

No. FJ Pine is the same grade fire retardant as any normal timber.  

Which one is stronger MDF or pine?

FJ Pine is stronger than MDF which is soft and less durable over time. 

Finger joint pine vs MDF, which one is better?

Without a doubt, finger-jointed pine is a superior material for timber mouldings profiles. It is always our top pick and typically the tradesman’s choice. You may not have an immediate saving on your initial purchase when choosing finger jointed pine mouldings, but their ease of installation and longevity and durability, will reduce your risk of early replacement and save you money in the long term. 

What is Finger Jointed  Pine commonly used for?

Mouldings, trims and interiors. 

Is FSC FJ Pine more expensive?

In its raw form, FJ Pine is more expensive than raw MDF however when primed FJ Pine is cheaper than primed MDF.  

What is FSC-certified FJ Pine and why is it a better choice?

FSC-certified FJ Pine is FJ Pine that has been sustainably sourced and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council certification system. When buying Intrim timber skirting boards, architraves, handrails and mouldings in finger-jointed pine, you can be assured that the forests that we source the raw materials from run on environmental, social and economic best practices, and that you are helping be a part of the solution to keep the forests for all forever. 


What are our standard FJ Pine widths?


Which has a greater longevity. MDF or FJ Pine?

FJ Pine 

What are the standard thicknesses for FJ Pine mouldings?


Which holds fixings well, including nails and screws. FJ Pine or MDF?

FJ Pine  

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