28th May 2019

Why FSC® certified FJ Pine is a better choice for the Environment & Health

Natural is always best. This is a statement we hear throughout all industries and practices, and the same applies to the timber you choose for your mouldings.


When you decide on FJ Pine mouldings, you are choosing natural. Intrim goes one step further in our FJ Pine offering and has taken the time and dedication to source and supply our customers with responsibly grown, sustainable sourced and globally renewable timber through our FSC® Certification.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing FSC®-certified FJ Pine mouldings from Intrim:

  • Has a positive impact on forests, people and wildlife, both preserving flora and fauna and protecting the rights of the people who live and work in the forest regions.
  • There are no health risks when manufacturing or installing natural timber.
  • Buying FSC® timber ensures you are helping minimise the impact of construction and deforestation while supporting sustainable design and building.
  • To become a Green Star builder, you need to be using FSC®-certified timber in your construction.
  • A Planet Ark study ‘Wood Housing, Health Humanity’ found that wood products in a room improved indoor air quality and improved a person’s emotional state and self-expression. The study went on to state that timber used in interiors decreased stress responses, lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate and lowered cholesterol levels. You can read the paper HERE.
  • FJ Pine mouldings are safe to work with. The dust created from cutting, sanding or drilling does not contain any chemicals and is not harmful (Note: personal safety items should still be used to avoid dust inhalation).
  • Easier to install with greater longevity. Being a natural timber, it is less prone to twisting, warping, and will not absorb moisture over time like MDF will.



Our MDF is one of the safest on the market, but as it is a man-made product, it still comes with some risks.

Our supplier notes on their ‘Material Safety Data Sheet’ that their MDF product:

  • Has a low to moderate toxicity.
  • Eye and skin contact as well as inhalation needs to be avoided as this may cause irritation, particularly from dust generated when sanding, cutting or drilling the MDF.
  • The bond used is formaldehyde-based (classified and confirmed as an IARC Group 1 human carcinogen) and may be released during machining and cutting.
  • Wood dust is also classified as a confirmed human carcinogen (IARC Group 1).
  • Small quantities of formaldehyde may be released in gaseous form over time.
  • If heated, overexposure to fumes may result in irritation of the nose and throat, nausea and/or headache.
  • Appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the product does not enter the environment.

Our recommendation for health and the environment is ALWAYS ‘real’ timber.

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