17th May 2022

What is Intrim Shadowline vs P50 skirting?

Intrim Shadowline is a skirting board and door jamb system, where the shadowline is moulded into the timber providing a precise architectural line, unlike the P50 metal angle and plastering method to create a shadowline.

We often get asked by builders and installers who have worked with the P50 system, “how strong is the join?” and “is it going to crack?”. This concern stems from what seems like an unusual partnership between timber and plaster at a join, and the worry that the two surfaces may not bond well, be as strong or that moisture may affect the join over time.

When selecting our timber suppliers, we choose only the best. Our careful selection ensures that our timber is of the highest quality and the moisture content in the finished timber is tested and correct. As well as this, we rigorously test all of our timber materials to ensure they meet the high standards and specifications required for achieving ultimate strength and durability.

As an added safeguard to your project, we only offer our Shadowline System pre-primed, which provides an additional moisture barrier around the timber to further reduce moisture intake over time and potential timber changes during acclimatisation.

During installation we recommend using Fiba Fuze tape which creates a strong, seamless join, without the risk of crack appearing. To avoid cracking you must also allow the jointing compound to dry fully between coats as per the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. Drying times are approximately 24 hours in normal conditions or 48 hours in cool conditions between each coat. See USG Boral instructions here.

You can see in our demonstration video that even a sledgehammer cannot break the join.