29th April 2019

Why Your Next Aged Care Project Needs Handrail

Here at Intrim we know the benefits of using our handrail systems in Aged Care and Health facilities. Primarily, handrails are seen as those ‘required’ items that assist people and the elderly move around a facility and tick a box on a building compliance checklist for Disability Access requirements. But, they are so much more…

As a Designer, Architect or Developer, when you spend hours pouring your heart and soul into designing a functional and beautiful facility, the last thing you want is to re-visit it after some time to see that it is no longer the place you created impeccably in your plans.

Handrails must be seen as more than just a means of ticking boxes and assisting people and the images below show exactly why. One of our Intrim team went to visit their grandfather in a 2 year old aged care facility (some pretty new ‘digs’ you would expect to still look amazing) where there was significant visible damage to the wall from beds and traffic where the handrail terminates.

Shocking and disappointing to see! This could have been prevented by installing handrail or bump rail on this wall.

Additional great benefits of corridor handrails are:

  1. WALL PROTECTION is a huge added benefit from installing handrails, protecting walls from impact damage from beds, walkers and trolleys.
  2. Some facilities are promoting a larger use of walking aids as a substitute for handrail in some cases. This increases congestion in common areas, creating more trip hazards, and does not provide those who may be able to walk without the use of a mobility device the option to do so with the support of a handrail.
  3. There is no worry or concern if the facility you run or have designed will be compliant with Disabled Access AS4128.1.
  4. My Aged Care recommend in their article “Preventing Falls in the Elderly” that fall risks can be reduced by ensuring adequate LIGHTING is available, especially at night. The new Intrim LED handrail option covers this requirement adding greater safety to night movements and improving energy consumption.
  5. A Planet Ark study highlighted that natural timber elicits feelings of warmth, comfort and relaxation which is imperative in creating positive wellbeing and a ‘home away from home’ in aged care and hospital settings. It was also found to decrease stress responses, and lowers blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol levels as well as improves emotional state and self-expression.

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