29th October 2019

Renovating your Master Bedroom on a Budget

Everyone wants a Master Bedroom that makes them feel special and has a sense of luxury. It’s where we retreat every night or when we need some quiet time, so it needs to be somewhere that is not only comfortable, but beautiful to look at.

This master bedroom in Three Birds Renovations House 11 had very little potential to be changed significantly during the renovation, so they girls had to get their thinking caps on to balance a small budget, no option for significant changes to the structures and making something that is beautiful and worthy of the Three Birds stamp. The answer was all in the ‘Detail.’

Here are the top design ideas and tips you can easily replicate in your own home, even if a big reno isn’t possible:

Built in Bench Seat

A beautiful built in bench seat that travels along to a vanity creates ‘something out of nothing’ and by creating this separate zone, gives the idea of more space, as well as being 100% functional.

Wall panelling & Decorative Mouldings

Adding mouldings, especially in a different wall application such as this, will give a room texture, character and something totally unique. It can transform a boring, blank wall into an instant masterpiece, and the cost for beautiful mouldings and installation (especially if you are a handy DIY-er) is surprisingly not as expensive as you may think.

This pattern used IN19 inlay mould in a ‘frame’ pattern, separated by SN02 sill nosing at chair rail height. It creates a seamless look.

You then don’t want to have your boring old commodity mouldings meeting new panelling, so opt for a new skirting board that suits your style. Three Birds have chosen SK498 which has lovely detailing for this home which really adds to achieving the Hamptons look.

Paint & Flooring

We know this sounds REALLY obvious, but nothing goes past a fresh lick of paint and a perfectly chosen colour. It can change the overall feel of a room and if you go for a dramatic change in colour, will make the room feel completely different.

Adding some new flooring, whether that be carpet, timber or vinyl (there are some really amazing timber look vinyls out there now) will also change the look of your room and freshen it up. If that’s out of budget, grab a floor rug to style up your space. You can also change it up as you update your style or change with the seasons.

Widen Doorways

Opening up the doorways to the built in robe and ensuite helps visually elongate the look of the wall and allow for the additional styling element of some beautiful, whimsical sheer curtains. MUCH cheaper than doors and MUCH more pretty. The girls also saved money by not getting an expensive cabinetry fitout.

Patterned Cushions & Throws

Go bold and mix your patterns and sizes. Keep them in the same colour tones when mixing patterns, but add different solid colours for contrast.

Feature Bedhead

The detail that a coloured, shaped and high bed head adds to a room really adds an element of luxury and another point of interest. They are easy to swap out as your taste and style changes too, so you’re not wedded to something permanent.


Adding feature lighting and changing the placement of lights can make a huge difference to a space. This is much cheaper than changing external windows and knocking out walls.

Token Styling Pieces

These need to be something that suit the style of  your room, and are standout items that command attention. Think stools, oversized shells, mirrors and vases.

In this room the pineapple look wall sconce and shell trinket dish (converted to a wall attachment for the curtain holdback) are highlights, as well as the vanity wall mirror which reflects the light from the window across the room, brightening the whole space.

From dark and drab to so, so fresh, this is the perfect example of how to maximise the impact of your design and stretch your cash further in a cosmetic renovation.