8th January 2020

What is a Hamptons Style House?

A Hamptons home is easy to spot. It is clearly inspired by the sea and is not just about the styling, colour palette and design choices, but also the open spaces and flow through the house where the lines between outdoor living and indoors are blurred.

Hamptons homes have a classic beach or coastal vibe with the use of blues and whites and evoke feelings of summertime and a home that is made to be filled with people to entertain.

Three Birds Renovations – House 11

The Hamptons Kitchen

The Hamptons style kitchen is probably the most inspirational space in the home, where Hamptons elements can be seen throughout many homes today.

They feature impressive island benches with chunky leg features that are balanced by thick marble benchtops.

Three Birds Renovations – House 11

Hidden appliances covered with beautiful cabinetry, which is more like furniture that cupboards, is something you are likely to see. It would not be uncommon to also create a feature to disguise the rangehood.

Shaker style cabinetry is traditional Hamptons that can sometimes feature v-groove lining board look insets and/or cross hatches. Colour is not off limits for a Hamptons style kitchen either, where powder blue or light grey can be used on some features such as the island bench, or feature cabinets.

Photography by Carole Margand

There is usually a combination of handles and knobs on cabinetry with the typical Hamptons style, with the go to look being shell look pulls.

It’s these little details that make all the difference!

Metal & Tapwear

Brass, gold and brushed metals have risen in popularity and while beautiful, are not part of a traditional Hamptons home. You typically will see chrome tapwear and metals used throughout, many times with porcelain look features on the handles.

Three Birds Renovations – House 11

Lever handes, tall fountain look spouts and anything big with a period look is likely to be seen in a Hamptons home.

Home by Palm Built

Other chrome features might include beautiful chandeliers with crystal details, chrome and glass pendant lights,

Panelled to Perfection

The first ‘go to’ for Hamptons vibes is adding wall panelling or wainscoting. Traditionally you will see the panelling which extends only up the bottom the to half of the wall finished with a chair rail and inlay mould panelling below.

Masterton Homes

More recently it has become hugely popular to panel the entire walls from floor to ceiling for a greater flow and more detail.

Day Beds & Window Seats

Not only do they add more seating, but create a relaxed, holiday vibe which is perfect for the Hamptons coastal feel. They are usually styled with blues and whites, and sometimes striped covers.

Gatti Design – Ascot Home

Gatti Design – Ascot Home

It’s all about the flow

It’s not just about the styling, but the layout and spacial design of a Hamptons home that make it truly ‘Hamptons.’ Open plan living with an effortless and almost unnoticeable flow between indoor and outdoor areas is something that cannot be excluded.

Three Birds Renovations – House 8


Tiling in bathrooms and in feature areas such as entries and entertaining areas can be patterned and bold, which a crisp white subway tile would be used as splashback in the kitchen.

Three Birds Renovations – House 11

Mid to dark timber flooring would be seen and is usually laid in a chevron or herringbone pattern.

Colours & Styling

Crisp whites and blissful blues set the peaceful tone for a Hamptons home. It is common to see a mixture of patterns in these colour tones such as stripes, paisley and leafy patterns.

  Three Birds Renovations – House 11

Photography by Carole Margand

A traditional Hamptons style loungeroom would boast an oversize sofa with rolled arms in a neutral colour, surrounded by mismatched occasional chairs which are a little more formal and different in their design.

Three Birds Renovations – House 8

Pillows and decorations are bold in colour and pattern to pop against the neutral tones of the walls and furnishings.

Styling for this style sees the over use of Ginger jars with pretty pieces of coral, driftwood and books. You may also see quirky bird or plant features popped into the home.

Masterton Homes

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