12th February 2019

Million Dollar Home Interiors

When you have a luxury million dollar property to design and furnish, it seems the pressure is much higher to ‘get it right.’

We’ve got you covered with some inspiration how some of the top million dollar properties have been designed, furnished and decorated, with some ideas you can even incorporate into your own home. One theme throughout is the use of bold, decorative mouldings to really add impact and luxury.

#1 Bling everything

Whether it be Swarovski crystal adorned décor, shiny gold and metal furnishings, elaborate chandeliers or shiny wall paper, one common feature in these types of properties is bling!


#2 Hidden rooms

Inspired by medieval novels and modern spy sagas alike, many million dollar properties incorporate secret rooms into their interiors. These could be a secret bookshelf door that leads to a room, or a room not obviously accessible through common areas of the home, the perfect place to retreat for some quiet time.

Image: 3 Birds Renovations, House 8 #Bonniesdreamhome

Image: 3 Birds Renovations, House 8 #Bonniesdreamhome

#3 Elaborate draperies

You can often see windows adorned with fascinating draperies suitable for a palace. This kind of décor offers timeless elegance and speaks for itself. Typically, materials such as silks are used, and the window area is complete with luxury rugs over expensive flooring.

Designer: Anna Spiro | Photographer: Tim Salisbury

Image: 3 Birds Renovations, House 8 #bonniesdreamhome

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Image: 3 Birds Renovations, House 9 #theboldextension

#4 Antique furniture

Wooden furniture with rich dark finishes oozes luxury – think cherry, mahogany and walnut for tasteful, timeless elegance. These pieces can bring colourful histories and fabulous conversation starters.

Image: Luxe Home Designs by Mimi

#5 Home theatres

What can be better than indulging in a great movie? Doing it in your very own private home theatre, of course! Modern technological advancements combined with unlimited budgets equal fabulous in-home systems, complete with the latest sound solutions, giant screens, comfy leather chairs and popcorn machines. Why leave the house if you can fit the entire world inside?


#6 Gigantic closets

Luxury homes will boast extensive wardrobes with inventive storage solutions. The storage space is usually vast but well hidden with correct lighting for make-up application and clothing colour matching, display cabinets for expensive items such as jewellery, handbags and shoes, the perfect ‘all angle’ mirrors and some with seating spaces.

Image: Investwell Group

Image: 3 Birds Renovations, House 8 #bonniesdreamhome

#7 Wine Cellars

Most of us all love wine, but an extensive wine cellar is a must in a million dollar home. Somewhere you can safely store your precious drops in the correct environment to help them last throughout the years, as well as stacked and presented in a beautiful fashion so your collection can be shown off to visitors.

#8 Grand Entries

You can only make a first impression once, so why not make it one to remember? A grand entry that makes you jaw drop from the moment you are welcomed is the perfect inclusion for a million dollar home.


#9 Neutral palettes

Now to something that anyone can replicate for that extra touch of luxury: light, neutral colours! Almost any classic millionaire colour scheme incorporates shades such as pure beige, ivory or taupe. These neutral colours are often complimented by accent walls, such as luxury decorative wallpapers or even premium fabrics, such as brushed suede or soft leather.

Image: Front Porch Properties

#10 Over-the-top additions

Ever considered building a rock-climbing wall inside your own home? Or perhaps, a few slides for when kids get too bored playing in their luxury tree house? What about a few bowling tracks for a fun evening with friends? An elaborate stair case or luxe pool may also be a statement feature in the home. These features can often be found in million dollar homes.

Image: 3 Birds Renovations, House 8 #bonniesdreamhome


Inspiration for the future

No one is saying money can buy everything – but having a well-rounded bank account definitely helps create a lifestyle of your dreams. Million dollar homes usually have many of these inclusions as ‘standard’ but even if your budget doesn’t have an endless flow, it doesn’t mean you can’t pull some of these ideas into your current living spaces to create a little luxe for yourself.