11th March 2019

Fire Resistant Skirting Boards

Many developments and projects require designers, architects and builders to provide fire reports for the components used in the project for compliance and warranty. We understand this is a very important component of a job, and we are regularly asked for fire testing and fire reports for our skirting boards.

Our skirtings have the same fire properties as the material they are manufactured from. For this reason, we do not have specific fire reports for our skirts as they are not required to be tested. The result for a skirting boards fire rating would be the same as the timber they are made from, and the fire properties for the materials we use can be found below:

FJ Pine https://www.woodsolutions.com.au/wood-species/pine-radiata (under properties tab)

Victorian Ash https://www.woodsolutions.com.au/wood-species/ash-victorian (under properties tab)

Fire ratings are pertinent to determine the structural integrity of a wall in the event of a fire, and to ensure the wall would not be compromised. Skirting boards are a wall treatment, which do not have a bearing on the structure of a wall.

If a fire-resistant skirting is required in your project, we can manufacture these from a ‘Group 1 Fire Retardant MDF’, which will need to be specified at the time of order.