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Intrim® IHR10 LED



Intrim Group is committed to sourcing and supplying timber for our mouldings only from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to the communities and people who manage them.

Intrim’s natural timber hand rails are suitable for a range of residential stair rail and balustrade projects and commercial applications, particularly hospitals, health and aged care facilities and shopping centres.

Intrim® IHR10 LED is available in 135mm, 185mm wide and 40mm thick and crafted in a range of timbers and finishes including FJ Pine, FJ Pine Primed, Precoated Vic Ash, Vic Ash.

Intrim can also clear coat finish, helping save additional time required on site for painting and drying. The clear lacquer UV Top coat contains an anti-microbial biocide additive. This anti-microbial additative is rated as suitable for Medical and Hospital applications. It provides defence against various harmful bacterial organisms in the environment, making it the the ideal choice for healthcare and public facilities

Intrim® IHR10 LED Handrail

Available in:

  • 135mm wide x 40mm thick x 5400mm length
  • 185mm wide x 40mm thick x 5400mm length

Note: Victorian Ash is only available in random lengths.

  • Clear Pine
  • FJ Pine
  • Precoated Vic Ash
  • Vic Ash
Materials & finishes
  1. Select your desired measurements and materials.
  2. Select your quantity and place your order.
  3. A friendly member of the Intrim sales team will contact you to confirm your order, and arrange shipping and payment.

Why choose Intrim LED Handrails?

What are the benefits of the Intrim LED internal handrail system?

The benefits of the Intrim LED internal handrail systems are:
  • LED lighting lifts the mood of the environment.
  • The use of timber in interiors has a positive impact on the physical health and mental wellbeing of those living and working in these interiors.
  • Energy saving over traditional lighting.
  • Night light use for safety and better visibility.
  • Can be integrated for use as a low level, night light to illuminate as staff or residents move through the corridors at night
  • Available raw or with a hard wearing, triple layer, anti microbial coating.
  • The IHR10 hospital handrail option is manufactured to your predetermined lengths, arriving on site with the LED preassembled to save time and money at install.
  • There is no need to order pre-cut LED lengths in the Connecta Rail option. Lengths can be cut on site to suit your project, saving time and adding flexibility at installation.

Useful Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

What handrail styles can you add lighting to?

Intrim offer LED lighting in our dowel Connecta Rail handrail system for use in aged care, commercial and health facilities, and our Intrim IHR10 LED Hospital Handrail for health facilities.

Where would I use handrail lighting?

Creating ambient lighting for residential homes staircases, or in applications such as age care facilities, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres and offices. Adding Intrim LED lighting to the handrail system will improve visibility in low-lit areas and during the nighttime.

What colour is the lighting of the LED handrails?

Intrim LED handrails are available in 3 lighting tones: Warm White, Cool White and Natural White.

How long does the LED lighting rolls come in?

Intrim Flexy LED Light Strip Rolls are available in 5 metre or 20 metre lengths.

Do I order the LED strips pre-cut to the lengths I need?

There is no need to order pre-cut LED lengths in the Connecta Rail option. Lengths can be cut on-site to suit your project, saving time and adding flexibility at installation

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