21st June 2022

What happens after you place your Bump Rail order?

Firstly, we provide an initial take off service more on an earlier estimating level just to provide price based on project. However once order has been placed, we will need an exact site measured cutting list which will need to be provided by your team. We won’t proceed until we have your cutting list. We will then adjust your quote to align with the cutting list and then send through approval with attached drawing profile.  Once that is approved it will go into manufacturing. Lead time starts once the updated order has been approved. We do estimate at earlier changes but if there are any changes once the cutting list comes through the lead time can’t change. If the wall is longer than the length of timber beyond 3.7 metres long, we will split the lengths up into even sections running with a 50mm gap. Usually, will split the wall accordingly. The timber is supplied to us in random lengths between 1.5 to 4 metres. So, anything from 3.7 metre lengths is few and far between. So, we allow them to be split and just need the customer to give us the lengths and we will work it out.