17th May 2022

How to choose skirting combining practicality, budgets and aesthetics?

When choosing your skirting boards & architraves you need to analyse how much traffic the skirting is going to have to cope with and how soon you may need to replace them. Plus in an addition or renovation, how are they going to look adjacent to existing rooms?

Also consider the aesthetics of the finished room, so consider other features such as chair rails, picture rails, wainscoting and other wall panelling designs.

Keeping to a budget? A cost-saving option is to reduce the skirting thickness without altering its height. This can often give you the profile you want but at a cheaper price. We estimate that while skirtings and architraves are less than 1.2% of the overall project costs, the impact they make and the value they add is far greater.

Aim for consistency. Practicality, longevity and aesthetics combined throughout your project will give you years of satisfaction. Skirtings must flow whether in corridors or adjoining rooms. They make far more impact than you may have thought!