30th January 2019

Hottest 5 Skirting Board Profiles Right Now

There are so many beautiful profiles and interior styles to choose from when designing your home, we thought we could help you out and narrow it down to our most popular profiles of right now.


This is the most popular profile of 2018, with no signs of slowing, and it’s easy to see why. Simple, elegant with the right amount detail. This ‘must have’ profile was made famous by Bonnie from 3 Birds Renovation who used it in her forever home. This profile is from the Hamptons family and is excellent for use in a casual or beach style Hamptons home. If you’re looking to add wainscoting, this profile is a little too delicate and whimsical to stand up against panelling, but is beautiful enough on its own.

 SK58 138mm Primed FJ Pine  

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Perfect for a French or Hamptons style interior, this profile has it all! Detail, depth and is perfectly decorative. This profile was used in Luxe Home Designs by Mimi’s 2018 HIA-CSR Hunter Housing Award winning Custom Built Home.



Sitting in the Colonial/Victorian family of styles, this little profile is clean with the right amount of curves and thickness. It would look just at home in a Hamptons style home and is bold enough to hold its own when paired with wainscoting.



SK450 115mm Primed FJ Pine



This profile also sits under the Colonial/Victorian banner with a very lambs tongue look about it. It is similar to the SK460 profile, but offers the profile features over a larger area, for those who want something a little more detailed.







A grand Edwardian / Georgian style profile, the SK452 suits a number of styled home, especially those with a little French inspiration. There is heavy detailing on this profile which really makes it stand out and command attention in the room.

   SK452 185mm Primed FJ Pine