10th April 2018

Intrim partner with Three Birds on Bonnie’s Dream Home

We’re sure the girls from Three Birds Renovations need no introduction, but for those who don’t know them they are a team of 3 mums (Lana, Bonnie and Erin), who happen to be best friends, who walked away from their corporate careers in pursuit of a more fulfilling life. Together they created Three Birds Renovations, a boutique renovation company that renovates suburban homes turning them from drab to fab!

What we love about the Birds is that they aspire to inspire people to realise their potential for home improvement and empower them with ideas and tips from their renovation experiences. They’re relatable, inspirational, helpful and ensure their designs and ideas are attainable, fast and affordable for all homeowners and budding designers alike.

So far they have renovated a whopping 8 houses in 38 months, and House 9, which is Bonnie’s own home, is their biggest, their best and most amazing renovation to date!

The girls from 3 Birds renovations want people to feel happier in their homes through creating beautiful spaces, something that is also at the core of what we here at Intrim believe, which is why this was a match made in interior design heaven.

We can’t wait to share with everyone the room reveals, style tips and beautiful use of Intrim’s skirting boards and architraves in this magnificent ‘coastal barn’ styled home!