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Intrim® SN23



Intrim® SN23 sill nosing is designed to cover concrete or wood sub-sills.

Available in 66mm wide and 38mm thick, and crafted in a range of timbers and finishes including FJ Pine and FJ Pine Primed. Intrim can also colour or clear coat finish, helping save additional time required on site for painting and drying.

Samples are not available for this profile.

Available in:

  • 66mm wide x 38mm thick x 5400mm length
  • FJ Pine
  • FJ Pine Primed
Materials & finishes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a rebate in my Sil Nosing

Yes we can customise a rebate, which will only be an extra charge if primed due to requiring a new priming template for your job.

Does Sil Nosing have to be fixed along the reveal?

No you can face fix it to the reveal and plaster wall. It covers the join where the plaster meets the reveal.

What thickness Sil Nosing should I use?

The most common profile used is 30mm (SN03). This generally allows for a rebate if required, check with your carpenter / installer.

How far should my Sil Nosing stick out from the wall?

There is no hard and fast rule about this. If you are wanting to fix a scotia or decorative moulding underneath it should project enough to allow for the selected moulding to fit. Generally the max is 66mm.

What is the moulding that fixes under the Sil Nosing?

You can fix any decorative bead. A popular moulding is the Scotia. SN23 is a detailed Sil Nosing option.

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