25th November 2022

What material should I use for Wainscoting?

We suggest using FJ Pine (finger-jointed pine) for the timber mouldings for wainscoting. It is a softwood timber that is ideal for mouldings in a variety of design styles. The timber is cut into small lengths to remove knots and excessive grains which impact the stability of the natural timber. These small pieces are joined together tightly using a finger joint of intersecting sections that look like fingers or a zig-zag pattern. They are bonded together with glue and pressure to produce a long-length stable timber blank, which is then moulded into decorative profiles. This allows consistent 5.4M long lengths which provide a better finish to the mouldings as you have fewer joins on your wall and allows easier planning of material usage and less wastage. FJ Pine is also lightweight, which makes manual handling and fixing to walls easier.  Click here to read more about FJ Pine.