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Dado Rail

Dado Rail also known as chair rails or surbase, are a decorative timber moulding fixed horizontally to the walls around the room at chair back height to protect walls from dents. Also used in Wainscoting

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How to use Chair Rail/Dado Rail to frame a mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a rebated chair rail option?

Yes, it can be done, we have standard profiles with rebates or we can customise a thickness to accommodate a rebate if required.

What height is my chair rail installed at?

The formula we recommend for calculating your dado rail height is: Wall height (finished floor level to ceiling) multiplied by 5 then times 2. E.g 2.4/5 x 2 = 0.96 You would then apply your chair rail within 100mm of this number.

Do I need a chair rail for Wainscoting?

No, you don't however for lower third Wainscoting we recommend a chair rail to finish off the appearance.

Can I use chair rail in wet areas?

Yes, we would supply in a treated pine.

Does my chair rail and architrave thickness need to be the same?

No, however if your chair rail is thicker than your architrave any overhang of the chair rail would need to be champered at a 45 degree angle to finish it.

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