31st July 2019

Intrim’s Shadowline® Skirting Meets Australian Fire Rating Standards

(This original post was updated 2-8-21 to incorporate Revision B from the CSIRO Short Form Assessment Report FCO-3351, dated 28 July 2021)

We’re thrilled to announce after extensive testing, our SK800 Shadowline® FR MDF skirting board meets AS1530.4-2014 standard. You now can now achieve a clean look for maximum aesthetic impact in your projects while meeting BCA fire compliance.

Test Specs

The pilot scale fire resistance test was carried out by CSIRO North Ryde in accordance with AS 1530.4-2014 of a non load bearing plasterboard lined wall system.

The specimen comprised a 1200mm x 1200m plasterboard lined wall system which incorporated 64mm steel stud wall framing lined on both sides with 16mm thick CSR Fyrchek platerboard. The wall specimen included an Intrim 800 Series Shadowline skirting board, screw fixed along the bottom of the framing, on both sides of the wall.

The bottom of the cavity was lined with friction fitted 300mm x 50mm thick x 60kg/m3 Bradford Fibretex 350 Rockwool board continuously behind the skirting board.

The skirting board was Intrim® SK800 Shadowline® System, made from FR treated medium density fibreboard (FR MDF), that was 18mm thick and 140mm high. The joint between the plasterboard and skirting board was set using a standard plaster setting compound.

Specs to Meet the Rating

The proposed construction to meet the fire rating shall be a 64mm steel stud 16mm fire grade plaster board lined wall (achieving an FRL of at least-60/60 without cavity insulation) that includes Intrim’s FR MDF SK800 skirting board backed with 50mm CSR Fibretex 350 Rockwool insulation and a Bead of Bindex Fire & Acoustic Sealant between base of skirting and floor substrate, as shown in the diagram below.

Variations to Plasterboard Facing

The proposed construction shall be a steel stud plasterboard lined wall than includes an Intrim Mouldings FR MDF skirting board backed with 50mm CRS Fibretex 350 Rockwool insulation as tested in FSP 1997 and subject to the following variations:

  • The wall linings may vary to include other proprietary brands and 16mm Fire grade plasterboard provided they have been tested or assessed to be fixed to each side of a 64mm steel stud without cavity insulation and achieve an FRL of at least 60-60. The plasterboard used in this test was 16mm CSR Fyrcheck plasterboard.
  • The wall may increase in height.
  • If the wall increases in thickness the maximum difference between the insulation thickness and the cavity size shall be as tested 14mm.


When tested the specimen achieved an integrity performance of 85 minutes and insulation performance of 65 minutes.

CSIRO Testing

It was exciting for the team to see the intensity of the testing process and watch the performance of the wall during the fire. It was interesting to see all the components, gadgets and monitors applied and how stringent the testing is.

Once we reached the 60 minute mark we were all very excited having achieved an integrity performance of 85 minutes and insulation performance of 65 minutes.

Installation Instructions can be found HERE.

* CSIRO Report number FCO-3351 dated 15 July 2019. Reference FCO-3351/CO5085