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Intrim® Rosette 121x121

Rosette 121x121

Intrim® Rosette 121×121 corner blocks are decorated wooden squares used at the intersection of two materials, such as the top corner of a door architrave. Corner blocks are an excellent way to eliminate messy angled architrave joins while adding a custom detail to an interior.

Available in either a pyramid or rosette design in 121mm wide and 18mm, 25mm thick, and crafted in MDF only.

Available in:

  • 121mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 121mm wide x 25mm thick
  1. Select your desired measurements and materials.
  2. Select your quantity and place your order.
  3. A friendly member of the Intrim sales team will contact you to confirm your order, and arrange shipping and payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should my corner block be?

Wider than the architrave you have selected.

What is the difference between a corner block and a skirting block?

What makes them different is the location of where they are used. The Corner is used in the top corner of a doorway. Where a skirting block is used at the join of the skirting to the architrave.

What is a Rosette Timber Moulding?

A Rosette is one of our corner block designs. A Rosette is typically used at the intersection of 2 materials such as around a door.

Where do I use a corner block?

At the top of a doorway where the top piece joins the vertical pieces of architrave.

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