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How to replace a door architrave

Everything you need to know in easy-to-follow steps and video guides.

Step-by-step guide for how to remove door architrave

1 Run a sharp knife around the side edge between existing architrave and door jamb or reveal

This will break the paint joint between the two surfaces.

2 Run sharp knife around outside edge

Between the existing architrave and wall lining (normally plasterboard), to break the paint joint between the two surfaces.

3 Use sharp chisel or small pinch bar and drive it between face of door/reveal and rear face of architrave

Make sure it’s in an area within 50mm of existing fixings and slowly prise the architrave away from the face of the jamb and wall lining. Starting at one end of the architrave and working along to the other end at each fixing point, to remove the architrave completely.

4 Remove nails and fixings from architraves

Use pincers or a small pinch bar.

5 Remove all paint or stain buildup from door jamb and wall lining

Use a paint scraper or chisel.

6 Removal of door architrave complete

You are now ready to install a new door architrave! You can watch our instructional video for the installation of window architraves below, with the only difference being you have 2 sides and one head on the door, meaning the bottom cut on the two sides are square (where the architraves meet the floor or skirting block) and the top cuts are 45-degree mitre cuts, treated exactly the same as the window architraves.

How to install window architrave

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Architrave?

An Architrave is a timber moulding that is installed to surround a window, door or other openings to hide the join between the wall and door or window frames. An important decorative detail that enhances the architectural style of a building and protects it from knocks and bumps. An Architrave is not a structural element, they create the illusion of height or accentuates a doorway or window surround. Adding a custom architrave profile to your interior adds grandeur & architectural details to the space. Intrim Mouldings large range of designer architrave profiles will suit all styles & designs to create a look that will impress. Available in numerous sizes and hundreds of styles, match your architraves to your skirting boards or select a complementary design style. Samples are available to help you select your perfect profile.  

What is the difference between a skirting board and architrave?

The difference between a Skirting board and Architrave is the location and the size. The Skirting board is designed to be fitted around the perimeter of a room, fixed to the wall where it meets the floor. An Architrave, however is usually a smaller width than the skirting board, and is fitted around the windows and doorways to cover where the wooden frame meets the plasterboard.

How much skirting or architrave I will need?

To accurately work this out, you will need to measure the rooms, doorways and window frames. To learn how to do this see the guide here.

We also offer a free take-off service for our account customers, where we work out the requirements for you. Simply submit your project details, plans & window schedule. Learn more here.

Does architrave go to the floor?

Architraves when framing a door run to the floor, with the skirting board butting into the side of the architrave. Sometimes a skirting block is used instead, meaning that the architraves run into the top of the block, and the skirting board comes out of the side of the block. This is useful when a different profile design, or thickness is used, or to create a more decorative finish.

Do skirting boards have to match the architraves?

Once you have chosen the skirting board the next decision to make is about the architraves. While most people will choose the same profile – in a smaller height – it is possible to mix and match profiles to achieve a look that is both interesting and beautiful. Following are some recommendations that will help in getting the mix right: 1) Architrave widths for different door heights recommendations:
Door Height Architrave Width
2.04m 66-90mm
2.34m 90-135mm
2.70m 115mm+
2) Skirting and architrave combination recommendations:
Skirtings Architrave
90-135mm 66-90mm
115-185mm 90-115mm
185-230mm 90-115mm
230mm+ 115mm+
The most commonly used combinations are:
  • 135mm skirting with 90mm architrave
  • 185mm skirting with 90mm architrave

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