Intrim® IHR39 Anti Ligature Handrail



Intrim’s natural timber IHR39 anti ligature hand rails are suitable for mental health and hospital applications where there is a risk of ligature.

  • Suitable for 9C compliant facilities.
  • Compliant with the Australian standard AS1428 1-2009.

These handrails are designed to be fixed using a bracket that runs continuously along the full length of the handrail, without leaving a gap, to reduce ligature risk. The rounded handrail top provides a comfortable and substantial support and safety for users, and the clear coated option is hygienic and easy to clean.

The use of timber enhances the look of it’s surrounding environment and doubles as wall protection from traffic and wheeled beds.

Intrim® IHR39 is available in 145mm wide, is 44mm thick at the top, 55mm thick at wall mount and has a wall projection of 91mm. Crafted in Clear Precoated Vic Ash and raw Vic Ash timber. The clear coat provides antimicrobial protection as well as helping save additional time required on site for painting and drying.

Available in:

  • 145mm wide x 44mm thick
  • Precoated Vic Ash
  • Vic Ash

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