17th May 2022

What colour should my skirting and architraves be?

The colour scheme you choose is a big factor in achieving the desired result – a pleasing overall look – with either coloured or neutral toned skirting boards. Here are some ideas:

  •  Coloured skirtings with white or off-white walls. This helps to “frame” a room and offers scope for toning wall decorations,

  •  White or cream skirtings with coloured walls. This places the emphasis on the skirtings, so it is important to install a good style and finish as any imperfections will be noticeable. Care needs to be taken with this as it is easy to get wrong.

Bonnie's Cottage - living room with chairs

  •  Walls and skirtings in the same colour but with the subtle variation of having the skirtings a shade lighter or darker. Or skirtings and walls the same colour. Either of these give a seamless appearance and both are a popular statement in contemporary homes. Both approaches give the impression of greater space.