22nd December 2022

How many tubes of adhesive do I need for my order?

The quantity of adhesive tubes you need depends on which Intrim adhesive you are buying and the quantity of your order. Outlined below is the estimated quantity of timber mouldings that require 1 tube of adhesive. If the quantity of timber you need is more, the quantity of adhesive tubes you have to order will increase accordingly. 


Intrim® Intense Grip Adhesive (1 tube of 350gm) 5L Mouldings (1L=5.4metre) Read more
Intrim® Intense Power Adhesive (1 tube of 290gm) 1L Moulding (1L=5.4metre) Read more
Intrim® Intense Hold Adhesive (1 tube of 290gm) 4 sheets of 2.4 x1.2m VJ Board, or

20 lineal metres of LED strip, or

4Lx5.1m polyurethane mouldings. Read more