1st January 2019

How to Replace a Door Architrave

You’ve decided to tackle your own installation, you’ve purchased your beautiful new mouldings and now your looking for some direction on how to replace your architraves without damaging your walls or creating more work for yourself.

Replacing your own architraves is relatively simple and we have created some easy steps to follow so your DIY doesn’t turn into a DI-whoops.

How to remove your Architrave

  1. Run a sharp knife around the inside edge, between the existing architrave and door jamb or reveal, to break the paint joint between the two surfaces. 
  2. Run a sharp knife around the outside edge, between the existing architrave and wall lining (normally plasterboard), to break the paint joint between the two surfaces. 
  3. With a sharp chisel or small pinch bar, drive it in between the face of the door jamb/reveal and the rear face of the architrave in an area within 50mm to existing fixings and slowly prise the architrave away from the face of jamb and wall lining, starting at one end of the architrave and working along to the other end at each fixing point, to remove architrave completely.
  4. After you have removed all architraves, remove all nails and fixings with pincers or small pinch bar.
  5. Remove all paint or stain build up from jamb and wall lining with a paint scraper or chisel
  6. You are now ready to install new door architrave! You can watch our instructional video below for installation of window architraves, with the only difference being you have 2 sides and one head on the door, meaning the bottom cut on the two sides are square (where the architraves meets the floor or skirting block) and the top cuts are 45 degree mitre cuts, treated exactly the same as the window architraves.

We’re always happy to help if you have more questions or need some advice.