Intrim® Scotia

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Scotia has appeared in classical arcitecture throughout the ages and is a concave moulding which was primarily used at the base of a column, but has now become much more widely used to conceal joins in wall corners and gaps between a floor and skirting board. The concave cut of the profile gives a more delicate finish between two surfaces with hard lines.

Available in:

  • 18mm wide x 100mm thick
  • 18mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 18mm wide x 25mm thick
  • 18mm wide x 32mm thick
  • 18mm wide x 42mm thick
  • 18mm wide x 60mm thick
  • 18mm wide x 70mm thick
  • 25mm wide x 100mm thick
  • 25mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 25mm wide x 25mm thick
  • 25mm wide x 32mm thick
  • 25mm wide x 42mm thick
  • 25mm wide x 60mm thick
  • 25mm wide x 70mm thick
  • 32mm wide x 100mm thick
  • 32mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 32mm wide x 25mm thick
  • 32mm wide x 32mm thick
  • 32mm wide x 42mm thick
  • 32mm wide x 60mm thick
  • 32mm wide x 70mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 100mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 25mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 32mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 42mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 60mm thick
  • 42mm wide x 70mm thick
  • 60mm wide x 100mm thick
  • 60mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 60mm wide x 25mm thick
  • 60mm wide x 32mm thick
  • 60mm wide x 42mm thick
  • 60mm wide x 60mm thick
  • 60mm wide x 70mm thick
  • 70mm wide x 100mm thick
  • 70mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 70mm wide x 25mm thick
  • 70mm wide x 32mm thick
  • 70mm wide x 42mm thick
  • 70mm wide x 60mm thick
  • 70mm wide x 70mm thick
  • 100mm wide x 100mm thick
  • 100mm wide x 18mm thick
  • 100mm wide x 25mm thick
  • 100mm wide x 32mm thick
  • 100mm wide x 42mm thick
  • 100mm wide x 60mm thick
  • 100mm wide x 70mm thick
  • FJ Pine
  • Vic Ash
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