St Vincent’s Aged Care in Bathurst is a modern and welcoming facility that aims to set a new standard in aged care.

The facility is surrounded by picturesque gardens and the recent refurbishment aimed to create a space with aesthetic appeal. The pastel tones and mix of natural and stained timber create an interior with a tranquil, homely feel.

Intrim supplied skirting SK998, skirting blocks, corner guards, architrave and 40mm diameter ConnectaRail for the project.

Intrim also provided custom stained and pre-coated timber screening for this project. Each piece of blackbutt timber had a micro bevel to the edge to enhance the finish. The timber was stained and pre-coated with 3 clear coats, being sanded between coats, making installation and time on site much faster for the builder.

The project was undertaken by ADCO Construction.

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