From modern to heritage, our range of timber skirting boards and architraves add a touch of class to any interior

Employed to cover the unsightly joins in a project’s fixtures, skirting boards and architraves are a crucial element in tying together the look of any interior space. Specialising in timber mouldings, Intrim Moulding offers a classic range of timber skirting boards and architraves covering all the styles you will ever need on any project, including modern, colonial, and heritage.

Skirting boards are a necessary final touch in your home, important not for just the aesthetic of your home but protecting your walls from the constant knocks of vacuums, toy cars and chairs. Ensure the products you buy are high quality so they deliver what your home needs.

Bring out the most in any project, buy the best in timber skirting mouldings and architrave profiles from Intrim

We strive to be the benchmark – the people you want to go to when your building project requires no compromise. To achieve that, we offer uncompromising craftsmanship and the best materials to create the highest standard of modern and colonial architraves and wooden skirting boards in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond.

To take a look at our architrave and timber skirting board profiles and styles, check out our categories page online or call and talk to one of our friendly experts in person on 1800 622 081 right now. A quality project must be managed down to every detail and Intrim Moulding can supply the wooden architraves and skirting board profiles to suit the style you need.

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