17th May 2022

What materials to use to suit the nature of your home?

It is a mistake to ignore the importance of the material you choose for your skirting boards. It is a big factor in how they look, how easy they are to fit and how long they will last.

Finger-joined pine is our preferred timber for both skirting and architraves. If you are looking for a natural, lasting product you cannot beat it. It is available in 5.4metre lengths and is straight and stable. Available in FSC-certified timber it is also good for the environment.

However, MDF is widely used for skirting in modern homes. Its limitation is that it cannot be machined or formed in the same way as natural wood and therefore cannot be used for period styles. For a contemporary look in a contemporary home, it is both suitable and affordable. Factors to consider are that it does not offer the longer life span of natural wood, is susceptible to warping, chips and cracks, and may need to be replaced sooner than you would like.

If you are spending the money on your building project it is often worth spending that little bit extra to get the qualities that natural wood offers.