7th April 2020

Top 10 Skirting Board Profiles of 2020

While the year hasn’t kicked off with the most positive vibes, our customers have still been finding comfort in turning the attention to creating beautiful interiors through building and renovating.

In the spirit of sharing some good vibes and positive news, we take a quick look at the Top 10 most popular trending skirting boards of 2020.

1. SK497

This profile is the epitome of Hamptons mouldings! Big rolling curves, substantial width to create depth and classically designed to suit a traditional, more modern or coastal styled Hamptons home.

TIP ~ Love this profile but on a tight budget? We have a very similar profile in a smaller thickness, which will achieve the same look, with a smaller price tag. Check out our SK945B.


2. SK100

SK100 115mm Primed FJ Pine

Perfect for your Modern, Contemporary or Art Deco styled home, this little profile is a clever twist on the much loved Shadowline skirting design. Instead of a negative detail, square shadowline groove, this skirting boasts a unique”V” detail that lends itself to the more Art Deco interior, or a different spin on Shadowline.

3. SK04

SK04 90mm Primed FJ Pine

A profile that is also known as ‘half splay,’ this skirting suits modern homes to a tee. The small amount of design paired with a flat top give the perfect amount of movement to throw some shadow to create depth, while not adding too much detail in a more clean lined, minimalist home. Boring you might think? This profile is best used in a taller size (230mm high is our favourite) so it still stands out and commands attention all of it’s own.

4. SK800B

This profile will just NEVER get old! It will stand the test of time and remain as on trend now as it will be in 10 years time. The 15mm thick SK800B Shadowline is the perfect partner for modern and contemporary homes, and is also well suited to commercial spaces. If you want clean lines, negative/shadow detail and a sleek look with a ‘skirting board that doesn’t look like a skirtking board’ – Shadowline is your go to pick!

5. SK30

SK30 90mm Primed FJ Pine

Three step and oh so Art Deco, we’re loving see this profile rise to popularity. Sometimes known as ‘triple step’ this simple design really stands out in a modern styled home with it’s clean lines and minimal detailing.


6. SK321

SK321 115mm Primed FJ Pine

A variation on the traditional Three Step profile, this one is a little softer and creates detail on a larger surface of the profile. This is perfect for those wanting to create a more feminine modern look, and can also be used in more modern Edwardian homes.

7. SK89

SK89 115mm Primed FJ Pine

This one has just crept into our top 10 quite unexpectedly, but we are loving that it has! A more Colonial or Victorian style profile, the line symmetry and softness of the curves make this a really beautiful skirting board or architrave for a variety of interiors.


8. SK384

SK384 115mm Primed FJ Pine

A shadowline look profile that can be applied like a skirting board is the perfect addition to any modern, contemporary or coastal Hamptons style home!

9. SK498

SK498 115mm Primed FJ Pine

There’s no surprises to see this Hamptons profile rounding out our top 10! It was used in Three Birds Renovations House 11 and looks amazing! The extra detail on the skirting really enhances the Hamptons vibes and frames the house beautifully.

We have other customers who have used it just as well in their Hamptons inspired homes, so it is no wonder this profile makes it into our top 10.

10. Inlay Moulds IN09 and IN23

IN09 30mm Primed FJ Pine IN23

While not a skirting board, we couldn’t miss rounding out our top 10 with these two profiles. They are SUPER popular and appear high up on our list so most worthy of a mention. When you’re looking to add texture and depth to a room, you cannot go past of these inlay moulds to give the walls a zhoosh and the room some character.

Natalee Bowen of Indah Island used IN09 as a feature around the beautiful blue island bench in her Hamptons Farmhouse kitchen, as seen below.

IN23 is one of our most popular inlay moulds for creating wainscoting wall detailing. Our customer projects below prove exactly why!

No matter what your style or your inspiration, there are endless choices and options for mouldings you can use in your interior. Whichever one you settle on, you know they will enhance the look and help create the spectacular interior your always dreamed of.