26th November 2019

Our Top 5 Trending Skirting Boards

The Hamptons style has been so popular for so long, it just became a new normal and a style we didn’t think would disappear. While we see different influences and variations on traditional Hamptons interiors; sometimes it’s a little bit relaxed with a country/farmhouse vibe, sometimes more coastal and casual or a bit modernised and monochrome, no matter the type, Hamptons was here to stay… until now.

It seems interiors are taking a Tarzan style swing towards a more modern influence, with clean lines and minimalist design ideals, and our most popular skirting boards right now prove just that!


SK479 115mm Primed FJ Pine

Style: Modern/Contemporary/Minimalist

Info: This little guy is gives the look of a shadowline profile, but can be used after the plaster is already installed or in renovations. We love this profile and find it the perfect solution for modern homes.

Where to see it:

Roxy Jacenko’s Vaucluse Mansion


Style: Modern/Contemporary/Minimalist

Info: We fall in love with this profile every time we look at it, it just never gets old. The ultimate in modern, clean design, giving a negative detail skirting profile that fits seamlessly on the wall. A must have choice for a modern interior, which is installed before plasterboard. We also have a fire rated version for use in apartments where fire compliance is required.

Where to see it:


SK342 90mm Primed FJ Pine

Style: Modern/Contemporary/Minimalist

Info: Okay, by now you must be picking up a trend and theme here, and it’s ALL about the negative detailing. This is a similar profile to the SK479 but the shadowline is positioned differently on the profile.

Where to see it:


SK58 138mm Primed FJ Pine

Style: Classic/New Hamptons

Info: Against the other profiles here this seems like a total wild card, but when put in context, it makes perfect sense.

This profile was made ever so popular by Bonnie Hindmarsh after she used it in her own home, and besides the Three Birds Renovation factor, it is just a classic, beautiful profile. It’s not the kind you would use in a Modern or Art Deco interior, but it is one you would use in a Hamptons inspired home where you are looking for less detailing, cleaner lines and well, ‘modernising’ the look a little (light bulb moment, now it makes sense)!

Hamptons is evolving and this is what it looks like!

Where to see it:


SK100 115mm Primed FJ Pine

Style: Modern/Contemporary/Art Deco

Info: We’re not surprised this skirting board has made our top 5 recently, and supports the rising trend for Art Deco skirting. Art Deco typically features three step profiles, although this one has a “V’ like detailing. If you didn’t already make the connection, this is a little more designed shadowline-like profile, which allows it to be used in those more Art Deco styled homes.

Our trend prediction for 2020 is that we will be the same clean lines with the introduction of more Art Deco-esk three step profiles, and profiles with large flat areas.

Like the style, but want something else?

If clean lines and modern tickles your fancy, but you want something a little more detailed, we recommend taking a look at one of the below profiles, which are a few we predict we will soon be seeing alot more of.

SK709 138mm Primed FJ Pine


SK391 115mm Primed FJ Pine


SK50 115mm Primed FJ Pine