17th January 2018

Intrim Shadowline Skirting: What sets our system apart?

The Intrim Shadowline Series skirting and door jambs are unique to us, and have been created with ease of installation and time and cost savings to our customers in mind.

Being a system which is different to others in the market, we are often asked about the differences with installation, strength and durability. We have addressed some of our most common questions and concerns below to help you make the right decision when choosing a Shadowline product.

How strong is the join & is it likely to crack?

We get asked this question frequently by builders and installers who have worked with the older P50 system – ‘really how strong is the join’ and ‘is it going to crack?’

When using our system compared to the P50 metal angle, we can understand the concerns some may have when looking to join the Intrim timber Shadowline directly to the plaster and how the moisture content in the timber over time may affect the joint.

Intrim are very careful with the timber suppliers we use to ensure that the moisture content in the finished timber is correct. We test all of our timbers to ensure they meet our high standards. We also recommend that you purchase our Shadowline system pre-primed, which ensures a moisture barrier around the timber to reduce any moisture intake over time.

You can see in our demonstration video that even a sledgehammer cannot break the join.

How easy is Shadowline to install?

If you have installed the P50 angle shadowline system in the past, Intrim’s Shadowline system will save time and allow you to create a consistent and accurate shadowline detail. 800 series skirting is supplied in 5.4m lengths rather than the shorter lengths of P50 that are available as this minimises joins and eases the installation process for longer wall sections.

Watch our video on how to install the 800 series system:

Installation Video of the Intrim Series 800 Shadowline System

At what stage of my project is the Intrim 800 Series door jamb and skirting installed?

They are both installed prior to the plasterboard installation.

The door jamb is then installed and packed plumb and level then the skirting is installed to fit tightly between the door jambs. Plasterboard sheets are then installed tightly against the back face of the 800 Series door jamb and on the top of the 800 series skirting. The PVC stop bead is then installed to surround the door jambs. All joints between the bottom edge of plasterboard sheeting and top edge of shadowline skirting are plaster set and must include reinforcing paper tape when setting. Plaster setting is required to all PVC stop beads surrounding door jambs.

Can I use Intrim 800 Series skirting with all flooring types?

The answer is yes, we have a solution for all flooring types. You can use the 800 series for carpet finishes, and if you are installing timber or tile flooring after installation of the skirting, we recommend using the Intrim Two Piece systems which allows for removal of the bottom piece of skirting so that flooring can be installed and then the Shadowline skirting piece replaced and fixed in place over the top of the flooring. This eliminates the need to place an unsightly timber floor bead where the bottom corner of the skirting meets with the top of flooring junction and maintains the minimalistic theme featured with 800 series. (see example pictured below).

If you would like more information about installation, which system is suitable for your project, or copies of our technical installation guides, please contact one of our team.

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