15th March 2013

Intrim Connecta Rail Dowel Handrail used in ACT aged care facility

Intrim Connecta Rail Dowel Handrail used throughout corridors in Aged Care Facility

The new Intrim Connecta rail dowel handrail system has been installed as a corridor handrail throughout a state-of-the-art 120-bed aged care facility in Farrer, ACT.

The Intrim Connecta continuous dowel handrail system meets the building code for 9C compliance and is predominantly used in aged care facilities as aged care handrails throughout the corridors and traffic areas. Intrim Connecta is also used frequently as handrails in hospitals and health facilities in addition to being used as bump rails for wall protection.

The continuous dowel handrails feature a timber and stainless steel construction, and are available in 40mm diameter and 50mm diameter Tasmanian Oak with stainless steel 45-degree and 90-degree preformed bends, stainless steel end caps, stainless steel joiners and brackets for fixing to the wall.

The Tasmanian Oak timber straight rail is manufactured to withstand impact from beds and trolleys, with the high impact areas such as the corners, returns and ends made from 316 grade stainless steel.

The Intrim Connecta rail dowel handrails are available in Vic Ash or Tas Oak timbers.