23rd January 2018

What are the benefits of Preprimed Mouldings?

Mouldings that are primed or pre-coated prior to site delivery are fast becoming a time and cost saving option of choice for builders, renovators and home owners.

Since upgrading our manufacturing facility to offer this unique advantage, we have been overwhelmed with the response from clients choosing the ready-to-install, out of the pack and on the wall option. Having timber mouldings coated prior to site delivery also means that damage or soiling from other trades and movement due to moisture penetration from humidity in the air, is almost eliminated.

Put simply, pre-primed mouldings are those which have been coated with a paint primer, eliminating the need for the use of an undercoat. This means you will save time and money having the convenience of your timber delivered ready to install, and paint your final colour.

Intrim’s unique pre-priming sealing system finishes and dries the primer in record time, allowing us to pack and ship your mouldings to you sooner, without sacrificing the quality of the finish.

Unlike some other pre-primed options on the market, our coating has been designed to reduce the risk of chip outs during cutting and installation.

Although the cost of pre-primed mouldings is a little more than the equivalent raw timber, you will get significant time and cost savings in installation and paint trade. You will have a superior product which will resist moisture absorption (reducing the risk of mildew, dry rot, warping) and will avoid having to replace your timber mouldings prematurely.

  • Eliminates Site downtime – Mouldings may be installed immediately upon delivery to site – no need to prime/seal on site prior to installation.
  • Eliminates Timber movement – Minimising moisture content intake/output due to site environment, causing movement in timber such as swelling, shrinkage, cupping, etc.
  • Minimises downtime & cost due to a painter onsite – Less preparation and drying time required for painter to prepare for further finished coatings to the mouldings.

When looking at purchasing primed mouldings for a standard home, you are looking at around an additional $1260 than that of the same mouldings in raw timber. The same order in raw mouldings require approximately 28 hours (3.5 days) for a painter to sand and prime on site at the cost around $2,100+. Purchasing primed mouldings saves days of time on site and a minimum of $1,000 per home.

* Figures calculated on a standard house requiring 55 x 5.4m lengths of 185mm high skirting and 95 x 5.4m lengths of 90mm architrave.

raw moulding on left & pre primed moulding on right.